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June 28-29

Dear Grade Two Families, Hooray! Congratulations! We have made it to the last week of school! This past week, the class had their Fun Day, to celebrate all of their accomplishments and hard work [...]

Week of June 21-25

Dear Grade Two Families, This past week, the class enjoyed the fundraiser put on by Grade 7, in honour of Justice Guno, and $1,715 dollars was raised for BC Children’s Hospital! Thank you for all [...]

Week of June 14-18

Hi Grade Two Families, Congratulations to you and your children on their First Communion and for completing the program! Thank you for helping your children prepare for this most holy sacrament. May [...]

Week of June 7-11

Hi Grade Two Families, On Thursday, the class wore orange in support of Orange Shirt Day. The students learned about the significance of this day and prayed for the children who were treated unfairly [...]

Week of May 31-June 4

Hi Grade Two Families, This past week, the students packed up their suitcases and embarked on a road trip across Canada! So far, we visited British Columbia and Alberta and have already seen lots of [...]

Week of May 24-28

Hi Grade Two Families, Yesterday, the Church celebrated Pentecost. It is the official birthday of the Church, and we pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide us in all that we do. Pentecost also [...]

Week of May 17-21

Dear Grade Two Families, This past week, our class had some new visitors come into our classroom! The first visitor, or should I say visitors, were our little caterpillars! As part of our Life Cycle [...]

Week of May 10-14

Hi Grade Two Families, This past week, our class did a wonderful job honouring our Holy Mother with a May crowning Mass. The children led a reverent and joy-filled celebration and were reminded that [...]

Examination of Conscience

Hi Grade Two Families, We talked about our conscience being a gift from God to help us decide wrong from right. Before we enter into the Sacrament of Confession, it is helpful to examine our conscience to know where we have sinned and what we can do better. The children were sent home with a […]

Act of Contrition

This is the Act of Contrition the children will be saying before their First Confession. It is a prayer to tell God that we are sorry. Please practice it with your child as they will have to recite it by memory before their First Reconciliation.

Advent in Grade 2

Hi Grade 2 Families! Here are some of the things we will be doing throughout Advent to help us prepare for the coming of Jesus: ADVENT CALENDAR:  The class came up with one way that they could prepare their hearts for Jesus. They came up with ways to help others through kind actions, or help […]

Scholastic Orders

Hi Grade Two Families! Your child went home with their first Scholastic book order last week. Scholastic book orders have a great selection of books for your children (and the whole family) to read. A portion of the purchases go back into the classroom. A lot of the favourite books, games and toys your children […]


Hi Grade 2 Families, Our Spelling program has begun! Please read below to find out all about the program. TUESDAY: We do a “Check-In (pre-test)” to see what words they know and what they don’t know. These words are commonly used sight words. The words that they have difficulty spelling with will be on the […]

Friday Letters

Hi Grade Two Families, Last Friday, your children wrote their first Friday Letters! On Fridays your child will be writing a letter to you to tell you what they have learned and done in school.  Please read their letter (they can read it to you, if you’d like) and write back to your child on […]

Home Reading

The Grade 2 Class is starting their Home Reading!  The goal of home reading is for enjoyment, confidence and fluency in reading. In order to do this, the children will need to read every day.  We will use RAZ Kids for our home reading program. On Tuesday, Sept. 22, students will take home their log-in […]

Outside Every Day

Students will be going outside every day for recess and lunch. Please dress appropriately for the weather. Make sure all the outside gear is properly and clearly labelled. Students will be able to store their boots, jackets and outside gear inside their lockers during the school day. They will be sent home at the end […]

Grade 2 Specialist Schedule

  **Please make sure your child wears their PE strip underneath their uniform and that their gym shoes are at school when they have PE. Please note that we have PE on Wednesday at 9:00 am. On Wednesdays, come in your PE strip to school. Please make sure that your child’s complete uniform is brought […]