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June 5-9

Dear Grade Two Families, Welcome to the last month of Grade Two! As we said goodbye to the month of May, the class was reminded that Mother Mary is not only Jesus’ mother but our mother in heaven [...]

May 29-June 2

Hello Grade Two Families, This past week, the class watched our butterflies emerge from their cocoons. Then, on Thursday, we set them free! It was wonderful to see how observant the children were [...]

May 22-26

Hi Grade Two Families, This past week, Grade Two began their Coding unit and did a great job working together to get Cubetto, a robot, to move to different coordinates on a map. It’s such a joy [...]

May 15-19

Dear Grade Two Families, Congratulations to you and your children on their First Communion and for completing the program! It was a beautiful day on Saturday and your children so earnestly received [...]

May 8-12

Hello Grade Two Families, This past week, the students packed up their suitcases, climbed on the school bus, and embarked on a road trip across Canada! So far, we visited British Columbia, Alberta, [...]

May 1-5

Hi Grade Two Families, This past week, the class started learning about the water cycle by doing a few experiments that helped them see each stage up close! The children also discussed ways they [...]

April 24-28

Dear Grade Two Families, We had a very busy week! The children got to visit the Book Fair for the first time on Tuesday. They were surprised to see how different our library looked, and enjoyed [...]

Overview (May & June)

Hi Grade Two Families, With only two months left in the school year, here is what we will be learning in May and June! Please note, the students will be receiving math challenges every Friday. We will start with addition facts to 20 and work our way to subtraction facts to 20 as the weeks go […]

Reading Log

Dear Grade Two Families, Starting next week, your child will be taking home books to read and record in a reading log! This will be in addition to the weekly Home Reading passage that they have been doing. The goal of this is for enjoyment, confidence, and fluency in reading! It is highly recommended that […]

Overview (February to April)

Hi Grade Two Families, As we enter a new term, here is what we will be learning from now until April! It’s important that your child continues to read for 20 minutes every day. I also encourage them to practice adding and subtracting single-digit numbers (for speed of computation) as we will be working our […]

Home Reading

This term, Grade Two will be using the UFLI Foundations program. At the beginning of each week, your child will take home their Home Reading folder. In it, you will find a Family Letter highlighting the phonics skill we are focusing on for the week and word examples that feature this skill. At the end of the […]

Library Visits

This term, your children will now borrow two books from our school library to enjoy at home (instead of leaving one in the classroom). Please remember to bring back any library books before the following Friday.  To help your child select ‘just-right’ books, they can follow the five finger rule. This is a quick and easy […]

Star of the Week

Each week, our class will have a Star of the Week! This student will enjoy a week of sharing, public speaking, and being the Star! When it is your child’s turn to be the Star, you will be emailed in advance to help them prepare. As Star of the Week, your child will decorate a […]

Friday Letters

On Fridays, your child will be writing a letter to you to tell you what they have learned and done in school. You are welcome to write back to your child on the reverse side of the letter. Please keep the pages in the folder and return it to school before the following Friday. These […]

Agenda Books

The children have started using their agendas to record any reminders and assignments for the day. Please read and initial the book every day as well as check the front pocket for forms or notices that may be sent home. You are also welcome to write a note in your child’s agenda if you have […]

Every Day Ready

Students will be going outside every day for recess and lunch, rain or shine! Please dress appropriately for the weather. Your child can store their boots, jackets, and outside gear inside their lockers during the school day but are expected to bring these items home at the end of each day. Please make sure all […]