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Week of Dec. 10 – 14

Hi Grade Two Families! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I went on a beautiful retreat last Thursday and Friday with Miss Costales and other CISVA teachers. It was a prayerful time with lots of [...]

Week of Dec. 3 – 7

Hi Grade Two Families! We all left the school on Friday buzzing with excitement from the hip hop dance performance! They couldn’t wait to watch the video of them dancing when we got back to [...]

Week of Nov. 26 – 30

Hi Grade Two Families, We have an exciting week ahead of us as the school gets to try something new in PE! Every day this week, we will have hip hop dance classes during PE. Please make sure they [...]

Week of Nov. 19 – 23

Hi Grade Two Families, We got mail this week! Miss Haughian (St. Paul’s Grade 5 teacher from last year) now teaches Grade 2 at St. Matthew’s. Her class has written our class some letters. [...]
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December Book Bingo

Hi Grade 2 Families! In the last two weeks of December, your child can choose to continue their usual Home Reading routine – wherein they pick a book from the classroom, read for 20 minutes, fill out the Home Reading log and bring it back to school. Alternatively, your child can choose to participate in […]

Advent in Grade 2

Hi Grade 2 Families! Here are some of the things we will be doing throughout Advent to help us prepare for the coming of Jesus: ADVENT CALENDAR:  BIBLE VERSE ADVENT COUNTDOWN:  We will also be reading different Bible passages every day to learn more about the Christmas story and what the Bible tells us. You […]

Card Game Friday – Card Tower

We built Card Towers on Friday! We looked at different pictures of card towers and watched this video to get some inspiration and ideas. Before we started building, we remembered what Mojo said about making mistakes and the power of yet! Once we got building, some of us found it easy, but some of us found […]

Card Game Friday – Elevator

Hi Grade Two Families, The class played Elevator last Friday! I was away so I unfortunately don’t have any photos – but I hear they enjoyed the game! I hope you do too! Happy playing!

Card Game Friday – Trash

We played Trash on Friday! It’s a quick, fun game that practices our number sense. Happy playing!

Card Game Friday – Old Maid

This week’s card game was Old Maid! However, I learned different students knew how to play the game but called it something else, like Turtle! It was excellent practice for their fine motor skills as they tried to hold up many of the cards while they picked out the pairs, but they were able to […]

Card Game Friday – Snap

Hi Grade Two Families, After a brief hiatus we were able to play Card Game Friday again this week! We played Snap. It is a similar to War but looks for pairs instead  of the order of numbers. Happy playing!


Hi Grade 2 Families, Our Spelling program has begun! We do a “Check-In” on Tuesday to see what words they know and what don’t know so we can practice the ones they don’t know. Each student has a different spelling list to best support and help their learning. A new list will be sent our […]

Home Reading

Hello Grade 2 Families, Your child brought home his/her first home reading assignment today. Here are just a few reminders for you: Your child will bring home a reading booklet and communication booklet in the blue folder Please read for 20 minutes and record the time your child has read If your child finishes the […]

Card Game Friday – Go Fish

We played an oldie but a goodie last Friday! Go Fish! There are many variations to the game, but below is how we played it. Happy playing!

What’s Happening in Grade 2 (Sept. – Dec.)

Hi Grade 2 Families! Here’s what we’ll be learning about from September – December. If you have a special interest in any of these topics, or if it matches your line of work, and you are interested in sharing this with the class, please let me know! Love, Miss Ramirez

Card Game Friday – War

Hi Grade 2 Families! Every (or almost every) Friday, we play a card game. Sometimes we learn a new one or other times we practice one we’ve already learned.  Card Game Friday is a great way to practice many different math concepts and social skills. We usually play the games in pairs or in small […]

Grade 2 Schedule

**Please make sure your child wears their PE strip underneath their uniform, and that their gym shoes are at school when they have PE