Grade 6

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June 13-June 17

Dear parents, We are so close to the end! The students enjoyed the fundraiser put on by the Grade 7s today. This coming week, here are the activities happening. Hot Lunch Serving – MONDAYJune [...]

May 9-May 13

Dear parents, This week we finished our work with order of operations in math and began doing transformations of shapes in geometry. The students have begun picking topics for their persuasive [...]

May 2-6

Dear parents, Thank you for your donations to the BC Childrens’ Hospital today-it was good to see the kids bring in their different types of jean clothes! This week in math, we learned about [...]

April 25-April 29

Dear parents, This week in math, we examined the relationship between fractions, decimals, and ratios. We also did a science experiment outside that was focused on answering the question-Do heavier [...]

Apr. 19-Apr. 22

Dear parents, Happy Easter! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! This week, we began exploring the relationships between fractions, decimals, and percents. We also continued practicing writing strong [...]

Apr. 10-Apr. 14

Dear parents, This week, we began looking at ratios in math and also began evaluating and creating persuasive arguments. The students are now learning how to write strong persuasive paragraphs about [...]

Apr. 4-Apr. 8

Dear parents, This week, we focused on mixed numbers and improper fractions in mathematics. We also began to look at how to critically examine arguments and articles that we can come across on the [...]

Mar. 28-Apr. 1

Dear parents, This week we continued working on our story-writing from before Spring Break and also continued to learn about fractions, working on ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. Next [...]