Grade 6

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May 3rd – 7th

Dear Grade Six Families, This week in Socials, we looked at 3 different types of poverty: absolute poverty, relative poverty, and generational poverty. The students also watched a video on third [...]

April 26th – 30th

Dear Grade Six Families, It was so nice to see you yesterday during Student-Led Conferences. It was an opportunity for your child to celebrate their learning and for them to be proud of all of their [...]

April 19th – 23rd

Dear Grade Six Families, St. Paul Summer Camp: Young STEAMers camp for July 5-9 is now full. However, if there is enough interest, the summer camp team has created a tentative second week – July [...]

April 12th – 16th

Dear Grade Six Families, We have started a new unit in Science – Physics. This week we looked at a timeline of Scientific Discoveries in Astronomy. Scientists like these were pivotal to our [...]

April 5th – 9th

Dear Grade Six Families, It was a lovely to see the energy and excitement of the children as they returned to school after March break. During Holy Week, the students renewed their appreciation for [...]

March 29th – April 2nd

Dear Grade Six Families, Welcome back! We hope you had a restful and relaxing Spring Break and are ready to start this Holy Week rejuvenated! We are certainly excited to see the children again on [...]

March 8th – 12th

Dear Grade Six Families, The students are working diligently to finish off their assignment for Science: Working in a Spacesuit and their Alexander Calder-inspired mobiles have been completed and are [...]

March 1st – 5th

Dear Grade Six Families, The students enjoyed working together as they completed an Extreme Environment project: Working in Space. They had to choose three activities to complete and replicate an [...]