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As children of God, made in God’s image, we are pilgrims learning and teaching at St. Paul School. Together we work to serve God and our fellow sisters and brothers. Jesus Christ is the focal point of our school life; where we not only learn about Christ, but also teach Christian principles by work and example. The activities of the school are filled and governed by the spirit of the Gospel. At St. Paul we endeavour to develop a true Christian community in which all members’ work together to promote the growth of one another as we journey towards our final home, Heaven. We challenge the students to achieve their highest level of performance and strive for excellence.

Teaching Staff

Ms. Katherine Costales Kindergarten
Ms. Jennifer Wu Kindergarten
Mrs. Nicole Kelly Grade One
Mrs. Clarissa Teodosio Grade Two
Ms. Myriam Boily Grade Three
Mrs. Gail Imoo Grade Four
Ms. Clarissa Guevara Grade Five
Mrs. Maria Caprilli Grade Six/French
Ms. Michelle Carroll Grade Six
Mr. Robert Kirkham Grade Seven
Mr. Gregory Kelly Physical Education
Ms. Monica Rumpel Music
Mrs. Maylin Fraser Learning Resource Teacher
Mrs. Karen Jew V-Principal/Learning Resource
Department Head
Mrs. Maureen Moorehead Principal

Support Staff

Mrs. Anna Santa Ana Education Assistant
Mrs. Teresa Schell Education Assistant
Ms. Zoe Ahlstrom Education Assistant
Mrs. Puneet Marwaha Education Assistant
Mrs. Jasmine Jagpal Education Assistant
Mrs. Inga Samon Education Assistant
Mrs. Bickie Lam Education Assistant
Ms. Manisha Mallh Education Assistant
Ms. Mackenzie Crawshaw Education Assistant
Ms. Lisandra Sousa Education Assistant
Mrs. Helen Thayakaanthan Accountant
Mrs. Christine Ong Secretary