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Intermediate Choir will begin on Wednesday October 12, 2022!

Intermediate Choir for students in Gr. 4-7 will begin this week under the direction of Mr. Kirkham and Miss Vu.  Come and join in the fun!  Choir will take place during the lunch hour from 12:15 [...]

All students will have their 1st Music class of the year this week!!!

Hi Everyone! I’m very excited to be back from Outdoor Education and to begin Music classes this week. Gr. 1 & 2 will have Music on Tuesdays. Gr. 3-7  will have Music on Thursdays K Music [...]

Happy New Year!!!

Hello St. Paul Families: I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you many blessings and good things to come in 2022!  Despite all the challenges of the past year and the pandemic, I trust [...]

Advent Song listening assignment

A reminder to Gr. 4-7 students  that your Advent Song Listening activity and questions are due today @ 3:00 pm.  Please be sure to “turn in” or “submit” your assignment on [...]

Gr. 4-7 Advent Song Listening Activity

Hi Everyone: A quick reminder for Gr. 4-7 students to check your Mr. K Google classroom for an assignment that is due on November 10, 2021. Have a nice weekend! Mr. K

Music classes will begin next week !!

Hi Everyone: I am beyond thrilled to be teaching Music once again at St. Paul’s.  Our first classes together will be the week of Sept. 13-17, 2021. I’m so excited to get started! Mr. K

[Reminder] gr. 5, 6, & 7’s practice logs due next Tuesday, April 30

This is just a reminder for gr. 5, 6, and 7 students to bring their April practice logs next Tuesday, April 30th. Thanks.   Mr. Yang

Gr. 7 music quiz on Tue. Mar. 12th

Things that you have to know for this quiz: -Be able to draw the clef of your instrument (i.e. treble clef for most of you, bass clef for trombones and bass guitars, and percussion clef for [...]