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Last Day of Kindergarten!

Congratulations! We have made it to the end of Kindergarten! As we wrap up the school year, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation, firstly, to the parents for all the love and support [...]

June 22nd-26th (Last Week of Kindergarten!)

This week, Kindergarten continued to prepare for Father’s Day, making sure to let their dads know why they’re the best father’s in the galaxy! We would like to wish all dads a happy [...]

June 15th-19th

This week, in Kindergarten, the force awakened as the students worked hard to prepare for Father’s Day! They decided what they wanted to draw for Dad and are too– I mean R2– excited to [...]

June 8th-12th

This week, in Kindergarten, we continued our discussion on health and safety! First, the students learned how to properly wash their hands and did a fantastic job at demonstrating this. Then, they [...]

June 1st-5th

Even though this week was another short one, it was still fun-filled with lots of sunny days! This was perfect for Kindergarten as they got to go outside and explore nature! They started off by [...]

May 25th-29th

Although this week was short, it sure was a busy one in Kindergarten! The students started growing their own plants and learned about the four main things a plant needs to grow strong and healthy. [...]

May 18th-22nd

This week, Kindergarten learned all about how to stay healthy while being at home! They wrote about the many ways they are practicing social distancing with their families and had some great ideas on [...]

May 11th-15th

This week, Kindergarten continued to prepare for their Mother’s Day Tea Party! Usually we’re able to help the students get ready for this day in class, so we wanted to start off by thanking all [...]
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