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November 30th-December 4th

This week, Kindergarten celebrated Christ the King! The children learned that Jesus is not only the ruler of their hearts but everyone’s hearts and that he watches over the entire universe. We were [...]

November 23rd-27th

This week, Kindergarten was so excited to discuss and write about where they would like to vacation after the pandemic. It was wonderful hearing the students tell each other about the places they [...]

November 16th-20th

This week, Kindergarten continued their discussion on service by learning about Mother Teresa. They were able to understand how her small acts of service helped those in need. The children were [...]

November 9th-13th

This week, we learned about the significance of Remembrance Day! The children created beautiful poppy artwork and imagined what it was like to see so many poppies in Flanders Fields. We also [...]

November 2nd-6th

It was a very exciting week in Kindergarten! It started off with the children picking out their perfect pumpkins, just in time for Halloween! As they were pumpkin picking, the students were able to [...]

October 26th-30th

This week, Kindergarten discussed how they could Walk with Jesus by being kind to others. They shared meaningful ways they could use their superpower of Kindness at school and at home and are showing [...]

October 19th-23rd

This week, Kindergarten continued discussing their five senses and also learned about the different signs of Autumn! They did a great job making connections to what they were learning and even [...]

October 12th-16th

With Thanksgiving coming up, the students had many wonderful discussions about all the things they are thankful for and even created their very own turkey cards to show you their gratitude! Mrs. D [...]
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