Grade 4

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December 6-10

Dear Grade Four Families, The students were very excited this week that we began the Advent season! We discussed the meaning of Advent and began lighting our wreath during our daily prayers.  After [...]

November 29 – December 3

Dear Grade Four Families, I can’t believe it’s going to be December already! We look forward to focusing on the Advent season. Our Advent wreath is ready to light on our prayer table and [...]

November 22-26

Dear Grade 4 Families, The class had a wonderful week, and did an exceptional job leading Mass on Thursday. A big thank you to the readers who did an amazing job. Just a friendly reminder to please [...]

November 8-12

Dear Grade Four Families, The students have had a busy week of learning in the grade four classroom. Now that the FSAs are complete, we are resuming back to exploring the topics we were working on [...]

November 1-5

Happy Halloween from the St. Paul School Staff! Dear Grade Four Families, Happy Halloween! It was wonderful seeing everyones costumes today at the Walkathon Assembly. Thank you again for the [...]

October 25 – 29

Dear Grade Four Families, Thank you for meeting with me over the last two days for the Parent/Teacher Interviews. It was great to connect with you about your child’s learning and I thank you for [...]

October 18-22

Dear Grade Four Families, The students have had a great and productive week in Grade 4. Here are some highlights: The students have been doing lots of writing to practice responding to comprehension [...]

October 11-15

Dear Grade Four Families, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy this long weekend with your family. The students worked really hard today at the Garry Point Endurance Challenge. Thank you for your [...]