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June 20th~24th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you have a wonderful time celebrating Father’s Day this weekend! We, the teachers, are busy all weekend because … the end of the year is almost here! [...]

June 13th~17th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Last week the students started to do their Social Studies project presentations. I’m really pleased with how well [...]

June 6th~10th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I’m so sorry for the late posting! These are busy times at home and at school! I hope that you enjoyed the unexpected moments of sunny weather on the weekend. It’s [...]

May 30th~ June 3rd

Hello Grade 3 Families! It’s hard to believe that we will already be starting the month of June this week 😳! It definitely will be busy between now and the end of the school year [...]

May 23rd~27th

Hello Grade 3 Families! We had a wonderful Professional Development Day where we learned several strategies to manage all the stress that we’ve been through these past few years. It was [...]

May 16th~20th

Hello Grade 3 Families! The students had a wonderful Track Meet on Monday. It was such a joy for everyone to be able to get together once again; students, parents, and staff, in a school [...]

May 9th~13th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you are enjoying today’s beautiful weather, and that you have a wonderful time celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow! The  Grade 3 students really enjoyed [...]

May 2nd~6th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I know that I’m repeating myself, but, Oh my goodness! Time is flying by so quickly! I find it hard to believe that we are already starting the month of May 😳 [...]

Landforms and Bodies of Water Project

We have started a new unit in science on landforms and bodies of water. In the classroom the students have been learning about them and will be paired up with a partner to make a model. Their model will need to have 3 different landforms and 3 different bodies of water. They can add more […]