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June 17th ~ 21st

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you are having a wonderful time celebrating Father’s Day! The students enjoyed preparing their “Super Hero Dad” Father’s Day report to see just how [...]

June 10th ~ 14th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you are all enjoying your long weekend! Two groups have already done their social studies project presentations on Global Indigenous Peoples. I’m really [...]

June 3rd ~ 7th

Hello Grade 3 Families! The students had a wonderful and exciting time during our field trip and at the track meet❤️! I have posted some pictures on the Grade 3 ClassDojo Story, of our time at [...]

May 27th ~ May 31st

Hello Grade 3 Families! It’s hard to believe that it will be the end of the month of May next week … Time flies by so fast ! The students will be busy between now and the end of the school year [...]

May 21st ~ 24th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you enjoy the long weekend and have a wonderful time celebrating the Pentecost on Sunday! In Grade 3 we talked about how the Pentecost was the beginning of our [...]

May 13th ~ 17th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you have been enjoying the beautiful weather this week, and that you have a wonderful time celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday! The  Grade 3 students really [...]

May 6th ~ 10th

Hello Grade 3 Families! In religion the students have completed “I Am A Gift From God”. They will be bringing their booklets home on Monday. Within the lesson unit it is suggested that you [...]

April 29th ~ May 3rd

Hello Grade 3 Families! For this final term, the Grade 3 students will be doing an oral presentation on a topic of their choice that they feel passionate about.  One of the Big Ideas in the BC [...]