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December 7th ~ 11th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I would like to thank you for making sure that your child was well prepared for our Christmas song video last Monday. They were excited to change into their clothes as soon as [...]

November 30th ~ December 4th

Hello Grade 3 Families! On Friday we had an Advent assembly meeting in our classroom with only the Grade 3 students. It was a wonderful 20 minutes, and made me miss our weekly assemblies even more! [...]

November 23rd ~ 27th

Hello Grade 3 Families! The weeks are going by so fast! I can hardly believe that we are already nearing the end of November! This week will be a busy fun-filled week for the Grade 3 students. On [...]

November 16th ~ 20th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you are all enjoying the beautiful sunny day and crisp autumn weather! On Tuesday the students enjoyed watching the Remembrance Day Ceremony video prepared by the [...]

November 9th ~ 13th

Hello Grade 3 Families! Last week  was a busy and productive week! The student’s will soon be ready to start working on their science poster animal report. Last week they started to work on [...]

November 2nd ~ 6th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween! We definitely had a great time celebrating it at St. Paul’s, and in the Grade 3 classroom on Friday^^* Today [...]

October 26th ~ 30th

Hello Grade 3 Families! It was great to be able to see all of you on the two days scheduled for the Learning Conference! I’m looking forward to everything we will be able to continue to achieve [...]

October 19th ~ 23rd

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. Taking a family walk in rainy weather is a wonderful occasion to remember what it feels like to be a child again^^* This week in [...]

Science Fair Skit

The students will be writing a skit with their science model partner. They will be pairing up with the other team at their table to act out the skit and do the practice videos. Their skit setting will take place at a Science Fair. They will be showcasing their model. One of the visitors at […]

Landforms and Bodies of Water Project

We have started a new unit in science on landforms and bodies of water. In the classroom the students have been learning about them and have been paired up with a partner to make a model. Their model will need to have 3 different landforms and 3 different bodies of water. They can add more […]