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September 16th-20th

Hello Grade 3 families! I am really looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday evening! It will be great to be able to have you in your child’s classroom and to be able to share with you a few [...]

September 9th-13th

Hello Grade 3 Families! It was great to start to get to know your children last week^^* We had a wonderful first week of school and are slowly getting into our routines. On Thursday the students met [...]

Welcome Back to School!

Hello Grade Three Families! I hope that you all had a wonderful and relaxing summer. I’m so excited to begin the new school year and to start to get to know your children! This year will be an [...]

June 24th-27th

Hello Grade Three Families! The year is already almost over…Only four days left…I’m excited that they’ll be going up to Grade Four but so sad that I won’t have them in [...]

June 17th-21st

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you had a wonderful time celebrating Father’s Day^^* We, the teachers, were busy all weekend because … The end of the year is almost here! The report [...]

June 10th-14th

Hello Grade 3 Families! Since Easter we have been talking about the Pentecost and the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. This Sunday is the 7th Sunday after Easter in which we celebrate the church’s [...]

June 3rd-7th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I would like to start out by thanking you for helping make my birthday extra special. It has been a real blessing to have your children as my students in my first year at St. [...]
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Roller Coaster Inquiry Project

For our Inquiry-Based Project, the Grade 3 students will be making a roller coaster. They will have certain constraints. The constraints will be the amount of time that they have to make it and the materials they will be using. The students will have 3 classes to build their roller coaster and the material they […]

Language Arts: Oral Presentation

In the course of the school year, several students showed interest in wanting to do a presentation to the class on a topic they felt passionate about. This is the reason why I have decided to have the students do an oral presentation on a subject of their choice.  One of the Big Ideas in […]

Science Project: Landforms and Bodies of Water

We have started a new unit in science on landforms and bodies of water. The students will be making a model at home with a partner. They will be bringing it completed back to class on February 24th to use in the iMovie skit they will be presenting to their classmates. Once they have all […]