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October 9th~13th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Today is when we take the time to give thanks to the Lord for abundantly providing us with everything we need for our [...]

October 2nd ~ 6th

Hello Grade 3 Families! We had a wonderful Walkathon on Friday! It was great to see the Grade 3 students excellent behaviour and positive attitude during the walk. I have already posted a video of [...]

September 25th ~ 29th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I find it hard to believe that we will already be starting the month of October next weekend 😳🍂🍁 We will also be blessed with a lot of rain 💦 [...]

September 18th~22nd

Hello Grade 3 families! I am looking forward to meeting you on Tuesday evening! It will be great to be able to have you in your child’s classroom and to be able to share with you a few of the [...]

September 11th ~ 15th

Hello Grade 3 Families! It was great to start to get to know your children last week 🤗💙! We had a wonderful first week of school, and the students are well into learning the Grade 3 [...]

September 4th ~ 8th

Hello Grade Three Families! Welcome back to school! I’m so excited to begin the new school year and to start to get to know your children! This year will be an amazing school year where the [...]

June 26th~28th

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you are enjoying the beautiful weekend 🌤️! Fun Day was a great way to end the week, and the students seemed to have had a wonderful time doing the [...]

June 19th~23rd

Hello Grade 3 Families! I hope that you  had a wonderful time celebrating Father’s Day! The students enjoyed preparing their “Super Hero Dad” Father’s Day interview to see just how [...]