Grade 3

March 4th ~ 8th

Hello Grade 3 Families!

I find it hard to believe that it will already be time for Spring Break at the end of this week! Whatever you have decided to do together as a family, I hope that you have a wonderful time!

This week the Grade 3 students will continue to work on their skit and animal habitat diorama. I will also give them a week to work on their diorama, and to memorize their lines in the skits, once they are back in school. Then I will start to do the video recordings for each team. Your child will be showing you the video of their skit posted in their ClassDojo portfolio on Student Led Conference Day.

During Spring Break, if your child wants to work on pieces that they’ll be adding to their diorama, they are welcome to do so.

Also, there will be no spelling words this week. The students will be working on the group novel study Because of Winn-Dixie and learning about root words, prefixes, and suffixes along with working on their skit.

I would like to also strongly encourage you to help your child memorize the multiplication times tables chart that they brought home two weeks ago to get a head start for the final term.

This past week Mme Caprilli gave a letter to each student with the Grade 3 class passcode, and your child’s individual password, to access the La poule maboule website. Please have your child practise and memorize their lines in the skit. They will also be presenting this skit in front of their classmates.

Here are the reminders for the week:

Monday ~ March 4th

  • Lenten mass at 8:15 ~ you are welcome to join us
  • PE
  • Triple’O Hot Lunch ~ please have your child bring their own cutlery 

Tuesday ~ March 5th

  • Lenten mass at 8:15 ~ you are welcome to join us
  • French

Wednesday ~ March 6th

  • Lenten mass at 8:15 ~ you are welcome to join us
  • PE
  • Dismissal is at 2 pm

Thursday ~ March 7th

  • Lenten mass at 8:15 ~ you are welcome to join us 
  • Library: please make sure that your child brings their library books back to school
  • Music

Friday ~ March 8th

  • Lenten mass at 8:15~ you are welcome to join us
  • French
  • PE
  • Fukuroku Hot Lunch

Here is the link for the parents who would like to place Scholastic Book orders in the month of  February/March.

Please enter Teacher Code: RC143526 to place an order online. This allows Grade 3 to receive points to order new books and various items for the classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please make an appointment to see me or email me at

Have a wonderful week and then a wonderful Spring Break!

Yours in faith,

Ms. Boily