Happy New Year!!!

Hello St. Paul Families:

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all of you many blessings and good things to come in 2022!  Despite all the challenges of the past year and the pandemic, I trust you will join me in feeling hopeful of what the year to come has in store for all of us.

I also wanted to take this chance to offer my sincere thanks to all of you for the many Christmas cards, gifts, goodies, and baking I received from you in December.  I continue to marvel at your generosity and my gratitude for this community continues to deepen.  This is a very special place to work, learn, and grow.

One housekeeping item for Gr. 5-7 students who have not yet returned the consent form for our winter/spring extra-curricular sports.  Please return your signed form to your classroom teacher on Monday January 10, 2022.  An e-copy of the form is attached if you’ve misplaced your form over the holidays.  We are looking to begin practices and activities as soon as all forms are returned.   More details to follow.


Mr. K

(Enjoy the snow that is in the forecast – get outside and get playing in it!)

Consent XCurricular48 KB