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Week of April 1 – 5

Dear Grade Two Families, Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful Spring Break in the beautiful weather we had for the past 2 weeks! We are going to head back into full swing in preparation for your [...]

Week of Mar. 11-15

Dear Grade Two Families, The class has been making wonderful connections to all the different concepts we are learning in class. They made a beautiful connection between the atoms in solids, liquids [...]

Week of March 4 – 8

Hi Grade Two Families, I hope you enjoyed the sunshine over the weekend! We begin the Lenten season this week with Ash Wednesday.  We will explore the ways we can grow closer to Jesus during Lent [...]

Week of Feb. 25 – Mar. 1

Hello Grade Two Families! Congratulations! You and your children have completed the first half of the First Communion program! I truly appreciate the dedication and support you have given your child [...]

Week of Feb. 18 – 22

Hi Grade Two Families! What an interesting week we’ve had! I loved hearing all the stories your children had about playing in the snow, and then seeing them play in the snow themselves on [...]
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Card Game Friday – Toss It Up

We played Toss It Up on Friday. The students had a lot of fun tossing the cards in the air and seeing which ones landed face up. It’s an easy but fun game!     Happy playing!  

Card Game Friday – Flip 3

Hi Grade Two Families, This card game really needed us to think and try to find what equations we can form using the three cards we flipped over. Once we got the hang of the game, some of the students started to strategize to think about what cards they had seen flipped over and what […]

Card Game Friday – Pyramid

We played Pyramid on Friday. The trickiest part might’ve been recognizing which cards are free and which ones aren’t. Happy playing!

Card Game Friday – Addition War

Hi Grade Two Families, To practice our addition, we played another variation of war: Addition War! They are slowly improving on their mental addition and card games are a fun way to practice! Happy playing!

Card Game Friday – Crazy Eights

Hi Grade Two Families, We played Crazy Eights! The class needed some gentle reminders to only play a card on their own turn. Many were developing their strategies to try to win the game. Happy playing!  

Card Game Friday – Closest To

Hi Grade Two Families, We played Closest To on Friday. We used our Math brains a lot while playing to figure out which numbers are close to each other and which ones are further away. The partners got to work together to talk about why they thought their number was closer or further away. Happy […]

Card Game Friday – 2-Digit War

We played 2-Digit War on Friday. It’s a lot like War but instead of one card, we used two! We read the the two cards as two-digit numbers and looked for the biggest number. For an extra challenge, you can add the 10s in and form some 3-digit numbers. Happy playing!   

Card Game Friday – Even or Odd?

Hi Grade 2 Families! We reviewed what even and odd numbers are and then played “Even or Odd?” It required a bit of memory and recognizing which numbers are even and odd. They did a great job playing with one another and supporting their friends. Happy playing!

Card Game Friday – Sevens

We played Sevens on Friday to help build our number sense. The Grade 2 students persevered and kept playing even if many of the decks turned out to be incomplete. Here’s to hoping you have complete decks at home 🙂  

What’s Happening in Grade 2 (Jan. – Mar.)

Hi Grade Two Families! Here is what we have in store for us from now until March! If you have any ideas or expertise in any of these areas (landforms, matter, different cultures, etc.), please send me an email so we can share it with the whole class. Happy learning! 🙂

Card Game Friday – Rolling Stone

We played Rolling Stone on Friday. It is a fairly simple game but we were able to play with more people and try different strategies. Some would get close

Reading Activity

Reading Activity is an opportunity for your child to practice their reading skills, as well as their understanding of the story, and the story elements. The students are sent home with a blue folder and a book. Students will read the book then will answer the attached activity sheet. Your child should be able to […]

Card Game Friday – Slap Jack

Hi Grade 2 Families! We played Slap Jack on Friday. The students got very excited, but were gentle when they placed their hands down. It’s an easy game but a fun one to play!  

December Book Bingo

Hi Grade 2 Families! In the last two weeks of December, your child can choose to continue their usual Home Reading routine – wherein they pick a book from the classroom, read for 20 minutes, fill out the Home Reading log and bring it back to school. Alternatively, your child can choose to participate in […]

Advent in Grade 2

Hi Grade 2 Families! Here are some of the things we will be doing throughout Advent to help us prepare for the coming of Jesus: ADVENT CALENDAR:  BIBLE VERSE ADVENT COUNTDOWN:  We will also be reading different Bible passages every day to learn more about the Christmas story and what the Bible tells us. You […]

Card Game Friday – Card Tower

We built Card Towers on Friday! We looked at different pictures of card towers and watched this video to get some inspiration and ideas. Before we started building, we remembered what Mojo said about making mistakes and the power of yet! Once we got building, some of us found it easy, but some of us found […]

Card Game Friday – Elevator

Hi Grade Two Families, The class played Elevator last Friday! I was away so I unfortunately don’t have any photos – but I hear they enjoyed the game! I hope you do too! Happy playing!

Card Game Friday – Trash

We played Trash on Friday! It’s a quick, fun game that practices our number sense. Happy playing!

Card Game Friday – Old Maid

This week’s card game was Old Maid! However, I learned different students knew how to play the game but called it something else, like Turtle! It was excellent practice for their fine motor skills as they tried to hold up many of the cards while they picked out the pairs, but they were able to […]

Card Game Friday – Snap

Hi Grade Two Families, After a brief hiatus we were able to play Card Game Friday again this week! We played Snap. It is a similar to War but looks for pairs instead  of the order of numbers. Happy playing!


Hi Grade 2 Families, Our Spelling program has begun! We do a “Check-In” on Tuesday to see what words they know and what don’t know so we can practice the ones they don’t know. Each student has a different spelling list to best support and help their learning. A new list will be sent our […]

Home Reading

Hello Grade 2 Families, Your child brought home his/her first home reading assignment today. Here are just a few reminders for you: Your child will bring home a reading booklet and communication booklet in the blue folder Please read for 20 minutes and record the time your child has read If your child finishes the […]

Card Game Friday – Go Fish

We played an oldie but a goodie last Friday! Go Fish! There are many variations to the game, but below is how we played it. Happy playing!

What’s Happening in Grade 2 (Sept. – Dec.)

Hi Grade 2 Families! Here’s what we’ll be learning about from September – December. If you have a special interest in any of these topics, or if it matches your line of work, and you are interested in sharing this with the class, please let me know! Love, Miss Ramirez

Card Game Friday – War

Hi Grade 2 Families! Every (or almost every) Friday, we play a card game. Sometimes we learn a new one or other times we practice one we’ve already learned.  Card Game Friday is a great way to practice many different math concepts and social skills. We usually play the games in pairs or in small […]

Grade 2 Schedule

**Please make sure your child wears their PE strip underneath their uniform, and that their gym shoes are at school when they have PE

Act of Contrition

This is the Act of Contrition the children will be saying before their First Confession. A copy was sent home before the break. Please practice it with your child as they will have to recite it by memory by next week.

Examination of Conscience

Hi Grade Two Families, We talked about our conscience being a gift from God to help us decide wrong from right. Before we enter into the Sacrament of Confession, it is helpful to examine our conscience to know where we have sinned and what we can do better. The children were sent home with a […]

Reading Activity

Reading Activity is an opportunity for your child to practice their reading skills, as well as their understanding of the story, and the story elements. The students are sent home with a blue folder and a book. Students will read the book and then will answer the attached activity sheet. Your child should be able to complete […]