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Week of Oct. 7 – 11

Hi Grade Two Families, This week we spent learning about angels and archangels to celebrate the Feast of the Archangels this past Sept. 29, and the Feast of the Guardian Angels on Oct. 2. We talked [...]

Week of Sept. 30 – Oct. 4

Hi Grade Two Families, Thank you for praying for good weather on Friday! We were so blessed with a  beautiful day for a fun walk! The Grade 2’s did an amazing job with their walk. I was [...]

Week of Sept. 23 – 27

Hi Grade Two Families, Thank you very much to the families that ordered Scholastic books!  Not only are these books great to practice reading, but a portion of the purchases go back into the [...]

Week of Sept. 16-20

Hi Grade Two Families, I hope you had a wonderful week! Mr. Hana had nothing but nice things to say about the children during his four days with them. The picture this week comes from one of our [...]
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Card Game Friday – Old Maid

This week’s card game was Old Maid! It was excellent practice for their fine motor skills as they tried to hold up many of the cards while they picked out the pairs, but they were able to use different strategies to figure it out. Happy playing!

Card Game Friday – Sevens

We played Sevens on Friday to show growing numbers. The Grade 2 students persevered and kept playing even if many of the decks turned out to be incomplete. Here’s to hoping you have complete decks at home 🙂

Card Game Friday – Patterns

We played Patterns on Friday! There were some excellent and creative patterns made so it stumped some of their partners! Happy playing!

What We’re Learning (Sept. – Dec.)

We will be exploring the theme of “We are all Connected” from now until the end of December. Please read the overview below to find out more. If you have any expertise in communities, force and motion, matter, the saints, Holy Trinity, patterns, data representation or anything else you think would fit in our theme, […]

Card Game Friday – Go Fish

Hi Grade Two Families, We played Go Fish last Friday! It is a classic card game and the children did an excellent job of taking turns, developing strategies and trying their best to hold the cards in their hands. They were also challenged to pick a partner they haven’t played with yet, and everyone did […]

Home Reading

Hello Grade 2 Families, Your child will be bringing his/her first Home Reading book on Monday! Here are just a few reminders for you: Your child will bring home a reading booklet and communication booklet in the blue folder Please read for 20 minutes and record the time your child has read. They can read […]

Friday Letters

Hi Grade Two Families, Last Friday, your children wrote their first Friday Letters! Each Friday, your child will be writing a letter to you to tell you what they have learned and done in school.  Please write back to your child on the bottom or reverse side of the letter. Please return the letter to […]

Card Game Friday – Snap

Hi Grade Two Families, We played Snap this week. There was lots of laughter and excitement over who said Snap first and who was last. They were all good sports about winning and losing. Happy playing!  


Hi Grade 2 Families, Our Spelling program has begun! Please read below to find out all about the program. TUESDAY: We do a “Check-In (pre-test)” to see what words they know and what they don’t know. These words are commonly used sight words. The words that they have difficulty spelling with will be on the […]

Card Game Friday – War

Hi Grade 2 Families! Every (or almost every) Friday, we play a card game. Sometimes we learn a new one or other times we practice one we’ve already learned.  Card Game Friday is a great way to practice many different math concepts and social skills. We usually play the games in pairs or in small […]

Grade 2 Schedule

**Please make sure your child wears their PE strip underneath their uniform, and that their gym shoes are at school when they have PE