Grade 2

Home Reading

This year, Grade Two will be using the UFLI Foundations program. At the beginning of each week, your child will take home their Home Reading folder. In it, you will find a Home Practice guide highlighting the phonics skill we are focusing on for the week and word examples that feature this skill. On Thursdays, your child will have a word study assessment. Because our focus is on students learning an explicit phonics skill rather than memorizing a list of words, the assessment will have some new words (not listed on the Home Practice guide) that contain the targeted skill as well as some irregular words.

Additionally, your child will be given one decodable passage in their Home Reading folder each week. This passage will also be based on the targeted phonics skill for the week. Have your child read it to you. If they struggle through a word, let them try to sound it out first. If they are stuck, please help them. Remind your child to read with expression and ensure they pause after each sentence. Once finished, your child is asked to illustrate the story in the box provided and highlight all the words with that week’s phonics skill. Please return your child’s Home Reading folder every Thursday.

Thank you for your support!