Grade 2

Library Visits

Every Friday, the children will get to borrow two books from our school library. Please remember to bring back any library books before the following Friday.

To help your child select ‘just-right’ books, they can follow the five finger rule. This is a quick and easy way for them to check if a book is suitable for them to read on their own. When choosing a book, they can flip to a random page and read it. For every word they don’t know, they hold up a finger.

If they hold up:

  • 0-1 fingers: The book is probably too easy for your child.
  • 2-3 fingers: The book is just right for your child.
  • 4-5 fingers: The book is probably too hard and best read aloud with a buddy.

Please note that this rule will be used only as a guideline for helping your child find ‘just-right’ books at our school library. Allowing them to read the books that they’re interested in (whether they’re too easy or too difficult) is just as important for nurturing and maintaining their love of books and reading!