Grade 2

January 29 – February 2

Hi Grade Two Families,

Congratulations! You have successfully survived your first week of the First Communion Program! Thank you very much for the dedication and commitment you have shown this past week. The students were so excited to receive their Gold Books and were even more excited to show you the work that they completed in the first chapter. They also did a wonderful job participating actively during the Mass and sharing their knowledge of the theme. The children were beaming after they were accepted as candidates for First Communion! I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks and for them to continue on this very special journey!

Please don’t forget to stick a 4×6 individual or family photo on page 2 of your child’s Gold Book.

Here are the reminders for the week:

First Communion Theme: Celebrating

Star of the Week: Oliver L.

Phonics Skill: Compound Words

Open Parachute: Overcoming Worries and Doubts


  • Return Gold Book
  • Triple O’s Hot Lunch
  • PE today
  • Home Reading folder sent home with phonics skill activities


  • Music and French today


  • Re-registration packages due today
  • PE today
  • Dismissal at 2 pm today
  • Parent Meeting
    • 6:45 pm in the school gym
    • Please sign in before you have a seat
    • Kindly make childcare arrangements as children are not allowed to come to the meeting


  • School Mass @ 9:15 am ~ please join us!
    • Please wear full uniform (including sweater)
  • French today
  • Word Study Assessment: Compound Words
    • Please return Home Reading folders to school
  • Gold Book goes home
    • They will stay home over the weekend and be brought back to school on Monday
    • Please go through the whole chapter with them
    • Complete any unfinished work
    • Please do not work ahead to the next chapters


  • Weekly RAZ-Kids recording due by today (only one please!)
  • PE today
  • Library today
    • Please return any library books not yet brought back
  • Fukuroku Hot Lunch
  • CSL sent home


  • First Communion Mass – Celebrating
    • Bring Baptismal candle
      • If you do not have it, there will some available for purchase at the church
    • 5:00 pm in the church
    • Please arrive 15 minutes earlier
    • Please sign-in in the foyer of the church
    • Please come in your Sunday best (no play clothes, jeans, or runners)

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, February 7- First Communion Parent Meeting- Listening
  • Friday, February 9- School Assembly (Grade 4 and 2 to lead)
  • Friday, February 9- Canella Hot Lunch
  • Saturday, February 10- First Communion Mass at 5 pm

Please email me at or write me a note in your child’s agenda if you have any questions or concerns.


Miss Wu