Grade 5


As I mentioned at “Meet the Teacher Night” this is a modified/less detailed version of how the curriculum and homework for each month will be shared. At this time, homework is meant as an opportunity for the students to gather or expand their knowledge of topics that we at exploring at school.

Areas of Study

  • Archdiocesan theme: “Seeking Truth, Healing and Reconciliation”
  • class behaviour guidelines and expectations
  • number patterns
  • comparing mixtures and solutions
  • making connections to the moral in a fable
  • using patterning and repetition to created autumn themed visual arts


  • work assigned by Mme. Caprilli
  • keep track of time outside so that it can be added to the “1000 Hours Outside” sheet provided by Mr. Kelly
  • bring in any photos that can be added to the prayer book that the students will be using when they go to the Church to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation