Grade 5


Topics to be explored:

  • the rosary
  • how God makes Himself known to us
  • Open Parachute: “Bullying Prevention and Support Strategies”
  • writing a paragraph to express an opinion with evidence
  • developing reading comprehension skills by using the techniques of questioning the elements of the plot and exploring the transformation of the characters
  • place value, comparing, and estimating using numbers up to 1,000,000
  • adding and subtracting numbers to 1,000,000
  • exploring the relationship between computation strategies
  • using flexible computation strategies such as decomposing, the distributive principle, and the commutative principle
  • solving word problems
  • experimenting with solutions that can be separated and the properties of solutions
  • responsibilities of various levels of Canadian government: municipal, provincial and federal

Ways to support learning at home: 

  • practice multiplication facts to 12 x 12
  • encourage your child to read for 15 – 30 minutes each day
  • remind your child to check the Grade 5 Google Classroom for announcements
  • help your child to complete any other work that may be assigned to them for home practice (you will be informed of this via email)