Grade 5


Areas of Study

  • the rosary
  • our relationship with God through creation and signs of God’s presence
  • problem-solving and decision making strategies
  • using RACES (restate/answer/cite/elaborate/summarize) as a guide for answering questions in a paragraph
  • using personal experience and knowledge to make and elaborate on personal, text, and global connections to the morals in fables
  • the roles of municipal, provincial, federal and First Nations’ governments
  • solutions and solubility
  • rules for increasing and decreasing patterns
  • one step equations with variables

Supporting Learning at Home

  • check for French homework and Mme. Caprilli’s Google Classroom
  • try to spend some time outside everyday to continue on our path toward 1000 hours outside
  • check the PE blog for updates on practices and games
  • practice multiplication facts to 100 (we are currently doing 1 minute drills on these facts every day in class)
  • read (if you need a time frame, aim for 20 – 30 minutes each day)
  • find out who is running for mayor in Richmond and what their ideas are for how to improve Richmond…do you agree?
  • to extend the above learning, find out who else is running in the election…what position do they want and what are their ideas for Richmond?

This month we will begin a spelling program focussing on word morphology (the study of words and their parts) which will have a home practice component. I will send an email about this as soon as the introductory lessons are completed with the students.

Also, St. Paul School is beginning a mental health program which Mrs. Moorehead will introduce to the parents over the next two weeks.