Grade 5


Areas of Study: 

  • saints and the process of canonization
  • review of the liturgical seasons as we prepare for and begin the season of Advent
  • Open Parachute ~ worries and resilience
  • spelling and word morphology
  • paragraph writing ~ opinion, informative, and narrative
  • whole numbers ~ to 1,000,000, estimation, estimation strategies to add, place value
  • the structure of the provincial and federal governments
  • simple machines

Supporting Learning at Home:

  • spelling homework will be sent home the week of November 14 and will incorporate writing opportunities as well
  • reading 15 – 30 minutes every day
  •  free questions provided on the IXL website (10 per day are allowed) to practice the following math concepts: “rules for increasing and decreasing patterns with words, numbers, symbols, and variables” and “one-step equations with variables”
  • if your child has personalized review work or work to complete on Google Classroom, I will email you personally to let you know