From the Principal

Upcoming Parent Information Evening

Does your child have a cell phone?  Or do you plan on your child having a cell phone in high school?  Does your child have access to a computer or tablet at home?  Do you think your child will at some point be using Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, or Facebook?  Does your child play video games?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have a parent information night for you. On Monday, Oct. 23rd, St. Paul School, together with St. Joseph the Worker School, will be presenting a parent information evening titled Social Media Awareness and Parenting in the Digital World.  The evening is put on by a company called Safer Schools Together, who is contracted by the Ministry of Education to train and inform parents and educators around the province.  I attended this same workshop for educators a few weeks ago and found it highly informative and enlightening.  As the mother of 3 teenagers, it certainly helped me stay informed and connected with their online behaviour, the apps and social media platforms they are using, and what to watch for as a parent.  In our current and future digital world, come and learn how to protect your child and teach them responsible and appropriate use of technology.

I highly encourage your attendance at this parent information evening.  For details, please contact the office.
Yours in faith,
Maureen Moorehead.