From the Principal

Divine Intervention

It truly was divine intervention for the weather this past Friday for our annual school Walkathon. The very rainy early hours of the morning had me pulling out all things waterproof from my closet, grateful that at least the temperature outside was mild. With school spirit riding high, students arrived dressed for the weather and ready to do their part for our one big fundraiser of the year.

Maybe it was Father Mark’s blessing during the send off that did the trick, but as soon as Grade One stepped out to lead the school on the route, the skies suddenly dried up. With Garden City Park as our destination, we spent the next two hours walking, singing, chanting, and having fun along the various routes for each grade.

Thank you to the parent volunteers who greeted us as we arrived at the park with refreshments, cheers, and enthusiasm. After a brief rest, a photo op, and a snack, classes began to make their way back to school, with the Gr. Four class bringing up the rear. Just as classes arrived back at school, the skies opened up again. Divine intervention indeed.

I continue to be so inspired and uplifted at the blessing that is the community of St. Paul School. The generosity of time and talent given by parents, the enthusiasm of the students, and the pride and dedication of the staff all come together for a wonderful event that benefits the present and future students of our school. Thank you to all; we are truly blessed.

Yours in faith,

Maureen Moorehead