From the Principal


Dear Parents,

Looking ahead to the student resource pick up tomorrow, I had a good chuckle when one parent compared the pickup process to Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi” ordering line.  It is, in fact, an excellent analogy, and if mistakes are made tomorrow morning I’ll try not to yell “NO PACKAGE FOR YOU!”  I will, however, ask the “close talkers” to keep the 6 feet physical distance though.  We are all living like the “Bubble Boy” these days, and once the remote learning starts on Monday, I’m sure there will be times when parents are yelling “serenity now!”  A lot of information will be coming to your inboxes that you will want to “yada, yada, yada” your way through, but please don’t – lots of great stuff will be arriving for your child and you!  We’re not sure how long the remote learning plan will be needed, but we certainly hope to be back in session by the time “Festivus” comes around.

By the way, can you spare a square…?

Yours in faith,

Maureen Moorehead