From the Principal

Happy Summer!

Dear Parents,

This final day of school was certainly a departure from our traditional summer send-off for students.  Even though the pandemic significantly affected our families, and both our local and global societies, our goal during these final months was to work within the limitations that we faced to continue to effectively deliver a quality catholic education to St. Paul students.  Yes, school looked different as we closed out the year – we were separated from our friends, our teachers, and our school.  Through it all, though, the heart that is this incredible community continued to beat loud and strong, and kept us tied together through our dedication to catholic education.

I’d like to thank the staff, who led the changes in curriculum delivery with confidence, patience, and excellence.  Thank you to the parents, who suddenly became teachers in the blink of an eye!  We know many of you were balancing your child’s education with your own workload from home, and your child’s success these last three months is a direct result of your hard work and loving guidance.

Finally, I thank the students.  It was difficult to hear the hallways go silent in March, but to then turn around and see the incredible things you were doing at home brought life back to school again.   We saw you working hard, being creative, and demonstrating your learning in unique ways.  Thank you for thinking outside the box, and continuing with the same dedication and perseverance that you show in the classroom.  You took the challenge of remote learning and ran with it, and you made St. Paul School extremely proud.

God bless you all, and have a safe and happy summer!

Yours in faith,


Maureen Moorehead.