From the Principal

Happy Mother’s Day!

In the church for the month of May we honour Jesus’ mother Mary.  Through all of His suffering, she was always by His side to love and support Him.  We too should look to our own mothers and give them the respect and appreciation they truly deserve.  My own Mom celebrated her 82nd birthday this year, and I am blessed to have her as an active part of my life, and the lives of my children.  Like Mother Mary, a mother’s love is limitless, fiercely protective, and unconditional.  It is this same love that supports, nurtures, and raises the children of St. Paul School.  To all mothers, grandmothers, step-mothers, and mother figures of the St. Paul community, I wish you a most blessed Mother’s Day.   You deserve it!  Thank you for all you do.

Yours in faith,

Maureen Moorehead.