September 11th-15th

Welcome to Kindergarten at St. Paul School!

We had a wonderful first week of school and enjoyed meeting all our new students in Kindergarten! In the first week of Gradual Entry, the children met their new friends, explored their new classroom, and learned how to play safely on the playground! We look forward to the second week of Gradual Entry together, where the children will get to know their friends even better and are excited for Groups A & B to meet on Thursday!

Our Feature Image:

Here’s a picture from our first day of Kindergarten!

This week at a glance:


  • Group B: 8:45-12:00
  • Group A: 12:45-3:00


  • Group B: 8:45-12:00
  • Group A: 12:45-3:00


  • Group B: 8:45-13:00
  • A reminder that the children will need a snack and lunch on this day.


  • School Mass @ 9:15 am
    • Please wear full uniform (including sweater)
  • Group A & B 8:45 – 13:00 (Snack & lunch)


  • Group A & B- 8:45-13:00 (Snack & lunch)

Friendly Reminders:

Snack: Please send a nutritious snack (such as fruit or vegetables) as well as a reusable water bottle (please do NOT pack juice boxes). Please also ensure that your child is comfortable opening any containers you send and that everything is labeled.

  • Allergies: Please do NOT include seafood, peanuts, or any kind of nut as we do have children with severe allergies at our school.

Label: Please label everything you send to school with your child, especially their school sweater. All children in the school have the same two styles of sweater. If your child has misplaced his/her sweater, please let us know and we will check the classroom and your child’s classmates. We also have a Lost and Found located outside of the school office.

ClassDojo Electronic Invitations: have been sent to join our Kindergarten 2023-2024 class, a communication app where we will be posting photos and messages throughout the school year of your child’s classroom experiences. Please use the notice with the code to access and you can share in your child’s learning! And let us know if you did not receive an invitation

Cloth bags: have been sent home with your child to be decorated and brought back to school by September 15th. This bag will stay at school and will hold your child’s gym shoes. Special thanks to a fellow parishioner, Mrs. Tinson for making the bags!

Extra items: A gentle reminder to please gather and collect the needed items for the school year. The whole list can be found on last week’s blog. Please have all items clearly labelled and brought by Friday, September 15th. 

Photo Day: Photo day is on Monday, September 18th. Please make sure your children have the school sweater and best smile ready! 😄

Pick-Up and Drop-Off: For the safety of the children, this will always be at the ramp leading to the Kindergarten door. Also, please remember to cross at the crosswalk when crossing the front parking lot.

Absentee Notes: If your child is sick or absent, please email your absentee notice directly to both classroom teachers AND

Blog: Please subscribe to our Kindergarten blog and check the school webpage often for important information and updates.

Meet the Teacher: Our Meet the Teacher Night and school AGM will take place at 6:30pm on Tuesday September 19th. 

Walkathon: Our annual school Walkathon is on Friday, September 29th. The Walkathon raises money for future technology, the music program, and sports equipment. Please continue to raise pledges for our school!


Miss Guevara and Miss Maye