Grade 7

Upcoming Events and News

Hello Grade 7 Parents!

Whistler Ski Trip

Tomorrow, Friday March 8th, the Grade Sevens will go to Whistler-Blackcomb for our annual ski trip. Here are some things to remember:

  1. Students must be at the school in the covered area at 6am sharp. Please do not be late.
  2. Dress very warm. It will be very cold on the mountain (definitely below zero!), so appropriate clothing is integral to your child having a great day.
  3. If you’re child is bringing their own equipment, ensure it is all labeled properly.
  4. Please pack your child a lunch in a waterproof backpack that can be worn throughout the day. The lunch should be easy to consume (sandwich/energy bars/thermos etc.) as it will be going up and down the mountain with them!
  5. We should be back at the school between 5:30pm-6:00pm for pickup.
  6. Please contact Mr. Kelly if you have any questions!

Vancouver Art Gallery

We had a great time at the Vancouver Art Gallery as we experienced the French Impressionist painters from 1850-1950. The exhibit continues to run throughout March, and is worth a second visit if you can! You have built-in tour guides now ūüėČ

Letters to the Archbishop + Confirmation Registration

Just a friendly reminder to hand in your letters (from yourself and your child) as well as the Confirmation registration forms at your convenience. Due dates & forms (for those who might need extra copies) are posted in Google Classroom.

Lenten Masses

The students are encouraged to attend daily morning Mass at 8:15am.

Grade Seven is in charge of the readings and gifts for the week of April 1-5th.

Daylight Savings

A friendly reminder that this Sunday we spring forward! Turn your clocks forward by one hour and enjoy trying to get your kids to bed at a reasonable hour!

Have a great Spring Break – March 15-31!