Grade 7

News and Congratulations

Hello parents!

Before we head off for Spring Break, just a few things.


On Tuesday, March 12th, four of our Grade 7’s (Lorenzo Lachica, Chloe Jeffrey, Arielle Rodricks and Amy Lam) went to the Tri-School Speech Arts Festival at St. Joseph the Worker. All four of them were awarded a Gold level in the persuasive speech category! Well done!

Rock Band Performance Tomorrow

The Rock Band Club, featuring nine Grade 7 students, will be performing for the school tomorrow, Thursday March 14th at 2:00pm. Kindergarten and Grade 3 will also be singing songs they have prepared.

All are invited to watch the performance!

Single Use Plastics

As our intermediate classes are all engaged in scientific inquiries inspired by the plastic use at our school, this is a good time to offer a friendly reminder that the local Richmond Recycling Depot (555 Lynas Lane) is now accepting all single use plastic items (such as chip bags, candy wrappers, and an assortment of other flexible packaging that your curbside will not take. It’s a great way to reduce the waste going to the landfill!

Morning Masses following Spring Break

Grade 7 is in charge of the readings and gifts for the weekday morning Masses from April 1-5. The students participating have already been assigned their parts. If one of these students is your child, please remind them to practice their parts over the break.

Student readers/gift-bringers should arrive for Mass at 8:05am each of these days. I will meet them at the front pew of the church.

Have a wonderful break – see you back on April 1st!

Mr. Kirkham