Grade 6

Week of Nov 2 – 6

Dear Grade 6 Families,

It was wonderful to see so much excitement from the students, staff and all of our St. Paul community families yesterday as we celebrated Halloween. It was a day of laughter and good times. The costumes the children wore were great. I loved seeing their creativity.

We are learning about mapping skills, in particular lines of latitude and longitude, the Tropics, heat zones and identifying the 7 world continents. We will be comparing and contrasting political maps versus physical maps and discussing the different types of water bodies.

The students worked on a honey-comb shaped flip book defining the different components found in our Solar System such as asteroids, meteroids, galaxies, stars, constellations and comets.

The students did a fantastic job creating their leaf art. I enjoyed seeing them put paint on the leaf, pressing their print on the paper and then lifting their leaf off of the paper. Shading the background with chalk pastel was the final step to completing this beautiful work of art.

Homework for the weekend includes:


Read 30 minutes everyday, both quietly and aloud (fiction and non-fiction books)


  1. Finish Halloween word search and colour in the witch at the top of the paper. Use a ruler when searching for the words. Due Monday
  2. Billet de Sortie: La Comptine des Amis! Make sure you know how to spell the words that are masculin et féminin in this short story – due Monday


  1. Honey-comb shaped flip book on the components of the Solar System is due on Monday. Make sure your writing is neat and legible and that both honeycombs are neatly coloured.


Lifetouch photos:

  • if you you would like a retake for your child, let me know and send the envelope back
  • retakes are scheduled for November 10
  • if your child did not have their photo taken on picture day, they will have their photo taken on Nov. 10 as well!

Nov. 6 – Fukuroku hot lunch

Nov. 11 – Remembrance Day (no school)


Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!


Mrs. Caprilli and Ms. Carroll &