Grade 6

May 3rd – 7th

Dear Grade Six Families,

This week in Socials, we looked at 3 different types of poverty: absolute poverty, relative poverty, and generational poverty. The students also watched a video on third world poverty and we discussed the importance of helping those who are marginalized in our world.

In Religion, the students are finalizing their poster on one of the seven Sacraments. They look amazing!!

We will be looking at Newton’s Second Law of Motion this coming week.


  1. Read 30 minutes both quietly and aloud (fiction and non-fiction)


  1. The 7 Sacraments – presentations will be on Monday


  1. Percentages, Decimals and Mixed Numbers: complete pg. 193  Questions #8 and #10– due Monday
  2. Practice your multiplication tables – 5 minutes everyday


  1. Iqbal – chapter 12 roles are due Monday


  1. Projet finale: Vive l’amitié! Présentations – lundi


  1. Concept map on Poverty is due on Tuesday – see Google Classroom
  2. Complete your own definition of poverty using  pgs. 64-65 of your Socials textbook. Include a drawing in pencil that represents your statement – due Monday (all of this should be completed in your coiled notebook).


  1. Friday, May 7th – Pro-D Day (No School)
  2. Friday, May 14th – Fukuroku Hot Lunch (for those who ordered – bring your own cutlery)
  3. Friday, May 21st – Walkathon
  4. Monday, May 24th – Victoria Day (No School)

Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Caprilli and Ms. Carroll &