Grade 6

April 26th – 30th

Dear Grade Six Families,

It was so nice to see you yesterday during Student-Led Conferences. It was an opportunity for your child to celebrate their learning and for them to be proud of all of their achievements. For those who were at home, we hope you enjoyed seeing all of the good work your child has been doing over the course of a few months.

We have started a new unit in Socials: Poverty. This ties in with Iqbal, the novel the students have been reading in class over the last few weeks. Having a conversation with your child regarding this topic would be greatly appreciated.

In Math, the students have started a new unit on Percentages. This is a life skill. Perhaps if you go to the store with your child and an item is 20% off, see if they can figure out the cost of the item with the discount.

In Art, we are studying the Elements of Art: Colour! We have looked at key terms such as primary colours, secondary colours, analogous colours, complimentary colours, tertiary colours and value.


  1. Read 30 minutes both quietly and aloud (fiction and non-fiction)


  1. The 7 Sacraments – due Wednesday


  1. Percentagescomplete pgs. 188 and 189 Questions #6 and #11– due Monday
  2. Practice your multiplication tables – 5 minutes everyday


  1. Iqbal – chapter 11 roles are due Monday


  1. Projet finale: Vive l’amitié! le brouillon pg.17 (6 catégories) – lundi


  1. Complete seatbelt research (150 words) regarding Newton’s First Law of Motion. Use COPS while proofreading your work. Draft is due Monday – keep track of websites used.


  1. Look for a flower: Georgia O’Keeffe style – due Thursday


  1. Wednesday, April 28th – Gr. 6 Mass @ 9:15
  2. Friday, April 30th – Jersey Dress Down Day!
  • students do not wear their uniform on this day – they may wear a Sports jersey (professional team, personal team, school Spirit Wear, school PE t-shirt) along with jeans, athletic pants, etc.
  • please send a minimum $2 donation for the Catholic Charities of the Vancouver Archdiocese

Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Caprilli and Ms. Carroll &