Grade 6

February 1st – 5th

Dear Grade Six Families,

The students have started reading a novel entitled: Iqbal Masih. As they read through the novel, the students will have a better understanding of child labour and the horrific conditions that Iqbal had to endure on a daily basis in order to reach his quota of carpets. They will work in groups and have certain roles to complete as they read through the chapters.

In maths, the students have started a new unit on angles. For fun, your child should look around the house and see if they can identify certain angles in 2 different rooms.

In science, we have started looking at the Scientific Method of Inquiry. The students were introduced to the following vocabulary words: variables, controlled variables, independent variables and dependent variables.

Homework for this weekend includes:


  1. Read daily for 30 minutes both quietly and aloud (fiction and non-fiction books)


  1. Practice drawing and measuring angles for Monday
  2. Practice your multiplication tables for five minutes each day


  1. Les Talents – your draft will be due on Monday (during class time) and the good copy as well as presentations will take place on Wednesday


  1. Complete worksheet on The Scientific Method Questions #1-7 – due Monday


  1. Complete your draft for your mobile. See Google Classroom for video and instructions – due Thursday


1. Thursday, February 4th – Re-registration is due

2. Friday, February 5th – CSL Reports sent home

3. Friday, February 5th – Fukuroku Hot Lunch (bring your own cutlery)

4. Thursday, February 11th & Friday, February 12th – Catholic Educators’ Conference (No School)

5. Monday, February 15th – Family Day (Holiday)

6. January/February Scholastic Book Orders

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  • Please enter Teacher Code:  RC227863 to place an order online
  • Books will be delivered directly to your home

Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Caprilli and Ms. Carroll &