/Friday Letters

Grade 2

Friday Letters

Hi Grade Two Families,

Last Friday, your children wrote their first Friday Letters!

Each Friday, your child will be writing a letter to you to tell you what they have learned and done in school.  Please write back to your child on the bottom or reverse side of the letter. Please return the letter to school on the following Monday. These letters will be saved in the duo tang and will be filled with memories and examples of your child’s writing growth.

Please note that these letters are written personally by your children and unedited by an adult. These letters are an opportunity for your child to express themselves and to communicate with you in a special way. It is not intended to be marked or assessed.  Please be assured that the writing conventions and editing are still taught in class.

I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as they enjoyed writing them. Thank you for your support in all of this!

With thanks,

Mrs. Teodosio

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