From the Principal

Yesterday was Pink Day, in support of anti-bullying.  I have shared this in my principal’s message before, but it is surely worth sharing again.  For those who aren’t aware, here is how Pink Day came to be:  It started in a high school in Nova Scotia, where a new Gr. 9 student was teased by a group of fellow students for wearing a pink t-shirt to school.  Two Senior students, Travis Price and David Shepherd, as a result of witnessing the harassment, decided to do something about it.  The two youths organized a protest consisting of purchasing 50 pink tank tops, and sending out a message to fellow students that night.  The next morning, Travis and David stood in the front foyer of the school and handed out a pink shirt to the students as they arrived. When the bullied boy arrived and saw what was happening, his face spoke volumes.  Nationwide, the students of Canada are saying “no” to bullying, and all it took was for two young people to speak out and make a difference. We may be a humble little school in Richmond, but we are doing our part to make a difference as well.

Yours in faith,

Maureen Moorehead.