Garry Pt. Park Fun Run – Friday October 7, 2022

Hi Everyone!

I’m excited to share with you the details of our Garry Point Park Fun Run and Endurance Challenge coming up on Friday October 7, 2022 with St. Joseph the Worker School.

We have been preparing for the Endurance Challenge in PE classes and this event will be similar to our St. Paul/St. Joseph the Worker track meet. All students in Gr. 2-7 are expected to participate as part of our regular PE programming for the day. All participants will wear their St. Paul’s gym strip and running shoes to compete.

The event itself will look different than it has in years past. This year’s event will have two options for participating students.  They may choose to “race” against their classmates and the students from St. Joseph the Worker School or may choose to participate in the “endurance challenge”.  Racers will be expected to run or jog the entire distance of their event while those in the endurance challenge may also power walk as they complete their event.  Endurance challenge participants will also spend a significantly longer time out on the course as opposed to the racers who’s level of exertion will be much higher.  We  have been discussing and practicing these options with the students in PE classes.

Students will depart St. Paul’s @ 12:40 pm on Friday October 5, 2022 and will travel to and from Garry Pt. Park with parent drivers.  Families are responsible for arranging and providing transportation for all participating students.  Carpooling is encouraged.

Students must check-in and check-out with their classroom teacher at Garry Pt Park. Families with students in Gr. 1 and Kindergarten may return to the school to pick-up their younger siblings upon completion of the run.  Dismissal from Garry Pt. Park for all students will be completed by 2:45 pm. 

Race Times: 1:15 pm – Gr. 7 – 3 laps 1 lap = 1 km
Endurance – 30 min 1:30 pm – Gr. 2 – 1 lap Dismissal – 2:15
Endurance – 60 min 1:40 pm – Gr. 6 – 3 laps Dismissal – 2:40
Endurance – 40 min 1:55 pm – Gr. 3 – 1 lap Dismissal – 2:35
Endurance – 40 min 2:05 pm – Gr. 4 – 2 laps Dismissal – 2:45
Endurance – 60 min 2:15 pm – Gr. 5 – 2 laps Dismissal – 2:45

There will be no food or beverages provided at this year’s event. Students will be required to bring adequate food, snacks, and water and plan their eating accordingly with respect to their event time.

We look forward to a great day of competition and camaraderie! Please direct any questions to me at

Mr. K