CISVA Cross Country Championships on Wednesday October 5, 2022.

Hi Everyone:

We are excited to once again be participating in the CISVA Cross Country Championships at Swangard Stadium on Wednesday October 5, 2022.

All runners from Gr. 3-7 are expected to attend morning classes at school.  Runners are welcome to wear their gym strip etc. in lieu of the school uniform.  Departure times for athletes and the drivers will be as follows:

Gr. 3 & 7 – 10:10 am departure

Gr. 4 – 10:45 am

Gr. 5 – 11:15 am

Gr. 6  – 11:30 am

In the instance of a carpool consisting of  runners from multiple grades, please depart at the earlier time.  (i.e. a Gr. 6 runner travelling with a Gr. 4 runner would depart at the earlier Gr. 4 time of 10:45 am.)

Student athletes are not required to return to school once their event is completed.

We will gather in our traditional track and field spot in Section C of the stands.  Keep an eye out for our St. Paul School banner.

Students will need to wear their gym strip, runners and other weather appropriate  clothing.  The event will be held rain or shine.  Students will also need plenty of water, snacks, and lunch as the concession stands will not be operating.

Race times and distances are as follows:

11:25 – Gr. 3G, 11:45 – Gr. 3B. (2.1 km race)

12:05 – Gr. 4G, 12:25 – Gr. 4B (2.4 km race)

12:45 – Gr. 5G, 1:05 – Gr. 5B (2.4 km race)

1:25 – Gr. 6G, 1:45 – Gr. 6B (2.8 km race)

2:05 – Gr. 7G, 2:25 – Gr. 7B (2.8 km race)


Mr. K