February 19th – 23rd

Hi Kinder families!

A short but busy week! In Math, we started learning about symmetry and in Language Arts we continued to practice blending words. We participated in some St. Valentine’s Day activities and started learning about our Church season, Lent. We hope everyone has a lovely, family day weekend!

Featured Image 

Here we are on Valentine’s Dress Down Day!

This week at a glance:

Student of the week: Mattias 

Show & Tell Theme: My Favourite Toy


Family Day – No School


Show & Tell: Mattias

  • Daily Lenten Mass @ 8:15 am
  • PE and Music with Mr. Kelly
  • Triple O’s Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)


Show & Tell: Erika

  • Daily Lenten Mass @ 8:15 am
  • 100th Day of School – Come dressed like you’re 100 years old & bring in 100s Day collections
    • Note: Please keep any wigs and props (ex. cane, glasses, etc.) in your child’s backpack; to ensure they are not distracted with it during Daily Lenten Mass
  • Dismissal @ 2:00


Show & Tell: Cassandra G.

  • Daily Lenten Mass @ 8:15 am
  • Nature Walk


Show & Tell: Raelen

  • Daily Lenten Mass @ 8:15 am
  • Buddies with Grade 7’s
  • Fukuroku Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)


  1. Please continue 10 to 15 minutes of home reading (please use “My Reading” book, “My Read Well” book, and books from home)
  2. UFLI
    • We have sent home the Lesson 10 Home Practice. Please review the heart words & other learned letter sounds
    • Please read together Lesson 10’s “The Pit” story (found in the red duotang) and focus on the individual sounds (bumpy blend) and trying to (smooth) blend together.
  3. Brighouse Field Trip Form- Please send in signed forms (and optional library card application forms) by Wednesday, February 21st. Please consider driving as we still need some! 

Friendly Reminders:

Socks/ Extra Layers – With the Winter season in full swing and the expected rain (or snow), please feel free to send your child to school wearing an extra layer just please ensure that the layers are in school appropriate colours. On wet days, we suggest packing an extra pair of socks in your child’s backpack, just in case.

CSL- Please return the CSL report covers and envelopes by Tuesday, February 20th. We are still missing a few!

Daily Lenten Masses – Starting on Tuesday, February 20th @ 8:15 am. Please read through of Ms. Griffin’s email outlining Daily Lenten Mass Guidelines. Just a few reminders:

  • Look for the designated “Kindergarten” sign in the back of the church – to put your backpacks before entering the church
  • You’re all encouraged to attend, even if you’re late
  • Students encouraged to sit in the middle front pews, with the rest of the school & staff
  • There will be lots of staff to help you

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Thursday, February 29th – Field Trip to Brighouse Library
  2. Monday, February 26th – Yummy Pizza Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)
  3. Wednesday, February 28th – Pink Shirt Dress Down Day
  4. Monday, March 4th, Triple O’s Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)
  5. Friday, March 8th – Fukuroku Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)
  6. Friday, March 8th – Last Day of School before Spring Break
  7. Monday, March 25th – First Day Back from Spring Break
  8. Monday, March 25th – Triple O’s Hot Lunch (for those who ordered)

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!


Miss Guevara & Miss Maye