February 13th-17th

Hi Kinder Families,

In Kindergarten this week we started small reading groups and learned about shapes and objects. We look forward to celebrating St. Valentine’s Day and our 100th day in school! Reminder, we have short weeks coming up, with the Catholic Educators Conference and Family Day.

Our Featured Image:

We read a book called “When We Are Alone” and reflected on the the First Nations boys and girls’ struggle in being taken away from their families, but despite it all, doing things that bring us joy. Like Kókom (the grandmother) in the story, we reflected on what makes us happy and drew those in our Medicine Wheels.

We appreciated the First Nation’s Medicine Wheel’s round shape for balance and equality, and connected it to our Catholic faith’s symbol of the circle, representing eternal life and salvation. Both the Medicine Wheel and the Circle show no end and no beginning. We remind ourselves that we are able to seek truth, healing and reconciliation with our First Nations brothers and sisters in learning and appreciating our similarities and differences.

This week at a glance:

Letter of the Week: Tt

Student of the week: Theodore 

Show & Tell Theme: My Favourite Stuffy  


Show & Tell: Evan L. 

  • Yummy Pizza Hot Lunch- please bring your own utensils
  • Library – please be sure to return books by today
  • French with Madame Caprilli
  • PE with Mr. Kelly


Show & Tell: Jordan

  • Valentine’s Day Celebration and Dress Down Day (all are welcome to wear red, white, and pink)
    • $2 Donation for Chalice Canada
    • Your child may bring Valentine cards or treats for their classmates. If your child plans on bringing a treat to share with their classmates, please do not individualize the treats by putting classmates’ names on them but you can write who it’s from (i.e. From: Miss G & Miss Maye) please do not put To: ________). be sure they are nut-free and individually wrapped
  • PE with Mr. Kelly


Show & Tell: Ashley

  • 100th Day of School Celebration
    • Please bring 100’s Day Projects by today
    • Reminder the children are welcome to come dressed in what they think they will look like when they are 100 years old!
  • Dismissal @ 2:00


  • Catholic Educators Conference – No School


  • Catholic Educators Conference – No School


  • Family Day – No School


  1. Please continue 10 to 15 minutes of home reading (please use “My Reading” book, “My Read Well” book, online reading programs, library books, or books from home)
  2. Skip Counting: As we are quickly approaching the hundredth day of school, Kindergarten has been learning to count by 5’s and 10’s! Please practice skip counting to one hundred with them at home by grouping small objects into sets of fives or tens and counting orally together! 
  3. 100th Day Project: Reminder that 100th Day collections should be brought to school by this coming Wednesday, February 15th. A hundred thanks for your support!
  4. Open Parachute- We have continued our “Frustration, Motivation & Growth Mindset” unit. In your child’s “SEL” duotang (purple duotang), are the lessons from the past weeks. Please continue to review and discuss it with your child.
  5. I’m A Gift From God- We have started a new unit as part of our Christian Education Program. Please read through the letter we emailed home with information.

Friendly Reminders:

  1. Brighouse Library Books- Please be sure to return your the library book borrowed from our Field Trip to the Library. Books are due by Tuesday, February 14th. Let us know if you need the title of the book your child borrowed!
  2. Socks- With the Winter season in full swing and the expected rain (or snow), we suggest packing an extra pair of socks in your child’s backpack, just in case.
  3. Scholastic Reading Club– The February Catalogue can be viewed online here. Reminder it is optional to order, but if you do please enter Kindergarten’s class code RC318627 at checkout so that we can receive rewards for our classroom! Thank you in advance for your support.

Upcoming Dates:

  1. Monday, February 20th – Family Day – No School
  2. Tuesday, February 21st – Pink Shirt Dress Down Day
  3. Wednesday, February 22nd – Ash Wednesday – School Mass
  4. Thursday, February 23rd – Daily Lenten School Masses start
  5. Thursday, February 23rd – White Spot Hot Lunch

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!


Miss Guevara & Miss Maye