Grade 7

Week of October 30 – November 3rd 2023

Good morning, Grade Seven parents!

First off, a huge thank you to all the students (and to all of their parents – you!) for helping to raise such an incredible total. $15,000 is a mind-boggling amount. In my 16 years teaching, I have never seen any class raise this amount on their own. And for the school to raise $87,000 is just outstanding. It is all thanks to your generosity and your belief in Catholic education at St. Paul. Thank you!

To that end, the Grade 7 class, for having raised the most money out of intermediate classes, will receive a pizza lunch. I will let you know the date when it is confirmed.

Halloween tomorrow

Students are encouraged to dress in a school-appropriate costume tomorrow for Halloween. Please note that it should be something they are comfortable to move around in, no full head cover masks, nothing gory or frightening and no weapons. Thank you!

Interim Reports – Friday November 3rd

This Friday November 3rd, I will be sending you an email at 3pm with directions on how to access the November Interim Report. What you will see on the report are general skills and content in the learning areas of Christian Education, Humanities (Reading/Writing), and STEM (Math + Problem Solving) along with one or two assignments that demonstrate your child’s current knowledge and understanding in these areas.

To view these assignments and my feedback about them, you will need to log in to your child’s Google Classroom account. Reminders on how to do this will be sent in the email on Friday. Please note that you will need your child’s password to do so.

Full length written learning updates will be provided in the first week of February 2024, so it is important to go through these assignments and feedback with your child to ensure that they understand what they are they doing well and how they can improve.

Christmas Play Auditions – Wednesday/Thursday of this week

Grade 6 and 7 students that would like to be a part of the Christmas play performers this year will be presenting a prepared scene this week. This is not an audition in which students will be cut! All students that present the scene will be in the play.  The purpose of this “audition” is for our Christmas play team (myself, Ms. Meyer and Ms. Guevara) to know how many students want to participate and determine the comfort levels of these students with performing in front of others.

If your child wants to be a part of the play, please note that there will be both morning and after school practices. More info on this will be sent directly to these performers ahead of next week, as not all students in the play will be at every practice – only those in that particular scene. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

-Mr. Kirkham