Grade 7

Week of February 27 – March 3rd 2023

Hello Grade 7 Parents!

With this weekend’s snowfall, we received a small taste of what is to come on Friday!

Whistler Ski Trip

This Friday, March 3rd, the Grade Sevens will go to Whistler-Blackcomb for our annual ski trip! Here are some things to remember:

  1. Students must be at the school in the covered area at 6am sharp. Please be on time so that we can depart by 6:10am 🙂
  2. Dress very warm. It will be very cold on the mountain (definitely below zero!), so appropriate clothing is integral to your child having a great day.
  3. If your child is bringing his/her own equipment, ensure it is all labeled properly.
  4. Please pack your child a lunch in a waterproof backpack that can be worn throughout the day. The lunch should be easy to consume (sandwich/energy bars/thermos etc.) as it will be going up and down the mountain with them!
  5. We should be back at the school between 5:30pm-6:00pm for pickup. Please be on time for pickup 🙂
  6. Please contact Mr. Kelly if you have any questions!

Confirmation Registration + Sponsor Forms

On Friday, your child brought home his/her Confirmation Registration + Sponsor forms. Please complete the registration form with your child and send the sponsor form to the individual that will be your child’s sponsor.

Both forms are to be completed and turned in to the St. Paul Parish Office no later than March 31st.

Please note that the sponsor must have his/her parish priest sign their form prior to it being turned in. If they are a registered, regular attending parishioner at St. Paul Parish, just turn in that form with the Pastor signature space left blank. Father Smith will sign all of forms for sponsors from St. Paul Parish at once, so no need to contact him!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Lenten Masses

Thank you to our Gr 7 readers at the first two Lenten Masses. These Masses continue for the next two weeks at 8:15am.

All students should be dropped off either in the back parking lot or at the covered area (even if they arrive after 8:15am) and have them use the sidewalk + school crosswalk to go in to the church for safety reasons.


Grade 7 will have their next opportunity to receive Reconciliation this Thursday March 2nd at 10:30am.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

Mr. Kirkham