Grade 7

Walkathon Pizza Party Lunch – This Wednesday November 10th

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update that, as the intermediate class who raised the most money for the 2021 Walkathon, the Grade 7’s will have their Pizza Lunch Party this Wednesday November 10th!

No need to bring a lunch that day! (just have them pack a recess snack)

As I told the Grade 7’s last week, the fact that they raised over $11,000 in the first place is incredible. The fact that they achieved this despite the fact that they are moving on to high school shows is such a wonderful gesture of giving and love for this community of which they will always be a part!

And thank you, parents, for your continued generosity to the current and future students and families of St Paul School who will benefit from your fundraising for years to come.


Mr. Kirkham