Grade 7

News & Pics Bonanza

Hello everyone,

Inquiry & Design Projects

Last week the students presented the Design Thinking project with students in Grade 5 as part of our intermediate-wide inquiry into plastic use in our school. As part of our exploration of climate change, students conducted a waste audit of plastic use throughout the school, and then created an inquiry for a question that they wanted to investigate. From their findings they used the Design Thinking process to spoke with an audience that would benefit from their new knowledge and designed a product or process, guided by their inquiry findings, to benefit the audience this area. So their sharing with Grade 5 was an opportunity to share both of these experiences. Here are some pictures:


Bowling Fun

We had a great morning bowling last week. Thank you for being flexible in your schedules to get your child to and from the bowling alley! There were several Dads who bowled in the high 200’s but the evidence has been lost… 😉

Here are some pics of the event:

Track & Field

Today at assembly, Mr. Kelly presented all of our Track & Field athletes with their accomplishments from the CISVA track meet. Congratulations to all of you who participated in this meet! Here is video of our Gr. 7 mixed relay team (Ethan, Kyanna, Emily, & Aiden)  getting silver in the 4 x 100m – warning, it is a very exciting race!


On Wednesday June 26th, Grades 4-7 will be going to Watermania. The field trip form has been emailed out to all parents and posted in Google Classroom. The form is due back on or before Thursday June 20th. A pizza lunch is currently being organized and will be provided on the day of.

The Grand Finale

Thank you to the Grade 7’s for all their hard work and dedication to making today’s variety show fundraiser a fantastic success. The feedback that came over and over was “what a variety of talent!”. Between Rock Band musicians, the performances, the writers of the sketches, the stage crew, the designers of the posters/ backdrop/ props, and the audio/visual work, the variety and quality of talent was, as Fr. George put it, “beautiful!” It was great to see that every single student in the class had an important role to play.

As I was fully immersed in helping the show move along, I have no video or photos of the event! Please send along any if you happened to get some pics or clips.

Thank you also to all the parents who were able to come and support the students at the show – and for donating so generously!
We will have totals raised for both the Door is Open Vancouver and the St. Joseph Nursery & Elementary School in Cameroon early next week.

Thank you to the Sing family for the Pepper Lunch gift cards, to the Ison family for the Boston Pizza gift cards and to the families who donated toys, activities and stuffed animals – the draws were a hit!

It was a great way to cap of the week. Have a wonderful weekend and in just over two weeks your children will be graduates of St. Paul!

Mr. Kirkham