Grade 7

News for Monday September 11th – Friday September 15th

Hello Grade 7 Families!

First of all, congratulations to the students on receiving their hoodies! As one student remarked, “I feel slightly more mature now!” Such a wise sentiment. 

Monday will be a regular school day except that there will be NO PE class. However, if your child participates in volleyball or cross country, gym strips and runners are required.


Tuesday we head to Camp Elphinstone – !! The students should be at the school for 7:30am sharp. If you tend to be a 7:30ish family, please be there for 7:15am 

We will meet under the covered area where the students line up in the morning.

Thank you for submitting the forms and money for camp. Please have all of the medication that your child will require ready and labeled in a ziplock plastic bag to be given over to myself, Mr. Kelly or Mrs. Espinosa on Tuesday morning.

Due to scheduling changes with the ferries, we will be taking the 10:50am ferry back to Vancouver on Friday morning. This will result in our return to the school being more around 1:30pm. You will have option to pick up your child early that day at this time or they can remain at school in the Grade 7 classroom until 3pm dismissal.


If you can volunteer for the Walkathon, please fill in the form sent home with your child on Thursday and send it back with them to school as soon as possible. Thank you in advance!


A revision on the previous blog. Victoria actually celebrated her birthday on September 3rd. Happy birthday to Marissa Lopez who turns twelve on Saturday September 9th.


Thank you to all of the students for all of the birthday wishes on Friday. (I am fortunate to share a birthday with Mary the Mother of God… no big deal!) Finally, thank you to everyone who has been so welcoming and friendly to me in my first week here. I appreciate your patience as I adjust to schedules, traditions and other aspects of St. Paul’s that are new for me. I will catch on soon!
Have a wonderful Sunday,

Mr. Kirkham