Grade 7

Mid-October Update

Hello parents,

We had an exciting week in Grade 7!

On Thursday we had a special guest workshop with Arielle from the Fraser River Discovery Centre. The focus was exploring the positive and negative impacts of human responses to rising sea/river levels due to climate change.  This included an interactive model for students try and prevent flooding. Have a look!

Open Parachute

Earlier this week, the students completed pre-program surveys in preparation for our engagement of the Open Parachute Program, to support the Mental Health portion of the Physical & Health Education curriculum.

We began discussions designed to help our students understand what OpenParachute is all about, and to help them understand why they are going to be using this program in school. The aim of the opening component of the program is to break down stigma related to mental health, so that they can feel safe to engage in learning.

Ms. Moorehead sent an email today related to this program and I encourage you to read it.

Intermediate Choir

Led by Ms. Vu and myself, we held our first intermediate choir practice in 3 years! This is a first for Ms. Vu and myself to lead the choir, so we are very excited. Practices will be held every Wednesday at Lunch.

Congratulations to our Girls Volleyball Team!

The Grade Seven’s volleyball team placed 4th overall at their tournament today at OLGC. Congratulations!

Amelia King was awarded the MVP for her leadership!

Way to go, team! Thank you to Mrs. Knoll for her awesome coaching.


Learning Conferences (Parent – Student – Teacher) – THURSDAY OCT 20 & FRIDAY OCT 21 

Over the course of next Thursday from 1 – 8pm and Friday from 8am – 11:30am, the Learning Conferences will be held. Please sign up for a time slot if you have not already done so. Thursday afternoon and Friday there is no regular classes in session, and your child only needs to attend for his/her meeting time.

Your child and you will be joining me for a 10 minute conversation about your child’s initial progress in Grade 7. The goal of this meeting is for your child to share his/her voice about his/her transition into Grade 7. This will include a reflection of his/her strengths and stretches, including what needs to be improved upon with regards to the Core Competencies.

I will share my observations of how they are engaging various core competencies as well as reviewing the skills/tools/processes currently being learned in class. I will also speak to the upcoming Interim Progress update which will be sent digitally.

We will then close with your voice, including your questions and comments.

Please be on time for your appointment to keep us on schedule. Note that if I am unable to extend your time slot if you are late. 

A bell will ring at the close of your session and I kindly ask that in order to respect the time of the group coming in after you, we end our conversation at that time.

I look forward to productive meetings with all of you!

October Bulletin Board

Lastly, if you are in the school, stop by and check out the Grade 7’s “Saint Pumpkins” on the bulletin board next to the south doors of the school. They are meant to remind the students as they walk by that Halloween means “All Saints’ Eve” as the next day is All Saints Day!

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Mr. Kirkham