Grade 7

It’s February! (Almost)

Hello parents,

Yes, we are just days away from the start of February. But why is that worth mentioning? Well, besides Valentine’s Day, Family Day and the Catholic Educators Conference (CEC) all taking place within this brief 28 day period, things kick off the month named after the ancient Roman festival of purification and atonement, Februalia, with the distribution of… report cards! What better way to mark a time of atonement than with Communicating Student Learning (CSL) Progress reports?!

The reports will go home on Friday February 3rd at 3pm. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for early report distribution. Should your child be away, we can send it home with a sibling or he/she can wait until the following week to pick it up.

Along with your child’s report card, I will also email you a “Understanding Your Child’s Report Card” with some suggestions on interpreting the various components of this progress report.

FSA Sent Home

On Monday, you will receive your child’s FSA (Foundational Skills Assessment) scores, which the class completed in October.

Please note that these scores are only for your own reference, to consider where you may want to provide extra support for your child as needed, and are not used in any way on the upcoming report cards.

It should also be noted that these assessments are one specific type of assessment and so while they provide some good insights into some of your child’s knowledge of content and skills, they should not be interpreted as completely defining your child’s overall knowledge and skills as a learner.

St. Pat’s Choir Performance

Your child may have mentioned that the St. Pat’s choir stopped by to perform a fantastic set of choral music. This choir features a St. Paul alumni, and sister of our Joshua Mah, Kenzie Mah. If your child will be attending St. Pat’s next year, everyone takes choir as an elective. Dr. Araujo, St. Pat’s choir director, says he has yet to teach anyone who cannot sing!

Kenzie and Joshua Mah

Also, on January 18, we had a few Grade 7’s have their names drawn for the big wheel spin! Check it out:


Have a wonderful week ahead!

Mr. Kirkham