Grade 7

End of Week November 19th 2021

Hi Parents,

Just a quick update…

On Thursday, Constable Walker, our school liason RCMP officer came and gave a relevant, informative presentation on safe use of the internet. I encourage you to have a discussion with your child about this presentation.

Today we had an informative, moving professional development day which focused on the some of the 94 articles from the Truth and Reconciliation document and how we as educators, with the support of our Archdiocese and the CISVA, can implement some of the relevant articles in our schools. I am grateful for having this opportunity today!

Next week the Rock Band will again practice at 7:30am on Wednesday and on Thursday from 3:00-4pm as we continue to prepare for the Advent Concert in December – more details on that to come!

And lastly, who stole our SMART Board?!

Looks like I will need some chalk for next week…

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Mr. Kirkham