Grade 6

May 9-May 13

Dear parents,

This week we finished our work with order of operations in math and began doing transformations of shapes in geometry. The students have begun picking topics for their persuasive essay/speech that they will work on in class in the next two weeks. We also started to look at push/pull factors that cause human migration movements and then the effects that these migration movements can have on countries and communities. One specific event we examined was the movement of the Hong Kongese in the 1990s and their movement to British Columbia from Hong Kong after the Handover, as well as the effect they have had on BC. The kids found it very interesting to tie in their own personal family experiences and origins to this migration event. They all performed skits about strategies to deal with bullying-Matias gave a great performance as Mr. Graham!

Some reminders:

  • Please buy and have your child bring their copy of “Inside Out and Back Again” for the Tuesday after the Victoria Day long weekend.
  • Thank you for continuing to complete the “LoveEd” video and discussion with your children-the last video will be done next week.

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Graham