Grade 6

Mar. 28-Apr. 1

Dear parents,

This week we continued working on our story-writing from before Spring Break and also continued to learn about fractions, working on ordering, adding and subtracting fractions. Next week, we will start to work on mixed numbers and improper fractions. We also spent a lot of time on human rights organizations, human rights advocates, and the work of NGOs.

The students were also introduced to the concepts of free trade, exports, imports, NAFTA, and the USMCA. They practiced their knowledge of the role of imports/exports in a country’s economy by being given a nation and having to trade as that nation with their friends in the classroom. Pictures of this are below!

I also let the kids know this week that I will be returning back to Toronto this year-I am so grateful for the kindness and hospitality that you and your children have shown me during my time in British Columbia!

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Graham