Grade 6

Apr. 4-Apr. 8

Dear parents,

This week, we focused on mixed numbers and improper fractions in mathematics. We also began to look at how to critically examine arguments and articles that we can come across on the Internet in preparation for our unit on persuasive writing. This unit will culminate in students preparing a persuasive essay and then presenting it as a speech to their peers. The students enjoyed learning about logical fallacies (in particular, the “Slippery Slope” through DirecTV commercials-feel free to ask them about it!

A reminder that next Friday is Good Friday and that the student-led conference informations forms were sent home yesterday with the oldest and only children in our class. Student-led conferences will occur on Friday, April 22nd. Look forward to seeing you in our classroom!

Wishing you and your family in advance a blessed Triduum!


Mr. Graham